Sunday, May 22, 2011

White Trilliums
Muskoka, May 2011

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  1. Hi Gillian.
    These, I believe, are White Trilliums during their final stage when they turn pink and are, as you said yourself, still very pretty.

  2. Oh, Malcolm, Thank YOU! I thought you would know. So, I am still in a quest to see the lovely painted trilliums in person and it might now be next spring before that happens. Something to greatly look forward to! Cheers, hope you are enjoying the heat??

  3. I myself have been fortunate to see only the one Painted Trillium so far however I have to say your picture of these fading White Trilliums is the best I've seen so far of these. Add this to your card collection.

  4. Malcolm, you are so kind and supportive. These trilliums live on Anne St. Your own photography is amazing and always topical and interesting. I have only just discovered the Google Blog Reader List so hopefully I will now see your work more often. Cheers!


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