Sunday, October 11, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving, Canada!
I moved up to Muskoka 15 years ago this month. Looking at these photos taken late this afternoon, I don't need much reminding about why I made this decision. The air today was filled with the strong sweet scent of pine. Birds are everywhere, filling up on berries still hanging heavy from trees, bushes and vines. People are out enjoying the warm day and the overwhelmingly beautiful colours (it never gets old, does it. no matter how old we get ourselves or how many autumn-times we have lived through) - chatting, waving - wishing each other a happy celebration before turning home to their family harvest dinners. Wood is piled high in front of homes, the squirrels are alert and busy, the dark cool Muskoka River is reflecting all of the autumn glory along the stretch of it's long journey. I feel so blessed to live here - to drink this in - today of all days, Thanksgiving Day.  Blessings to each of you and your families.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Spring Along the Muskoka River @ Bass Rock

Fast running river, damp full fragrance of the forest floor and pines, Mallards taking flight off of the river's powerful current, finches donning their brilliant yellow coats, the silvery glint of pussy willows, day lillies sprouting bravely through the remaining snow cover... these are some of the much-welcomed signs of spring this week.

High atop Bass Rock is a birds' eye look out point
for viewing the Muskoka river in all directions.

Lots of trees getting a good spring root soak!

Usually in summertime the water in the foreground is all dry land
and there is about a 4 foot drop down into the Muskoka River.

Normally this beautiful piece of granite is exposed but
the Muskoka River drenches it each spring.
The striking veins in the rocks peek through the river water
rushing to hit the shoreline.

Here is a look at the speed of the spring Muskoka River

Normally there is about a 4 foot drop to the river in mid-summer.
Currently the river is level with the ground and encroaching (slowly).

Some flooding happens in this small low-lying area
each spring.

View of the fast-flowing Muskoka River from atop
the beautiful Bass Rock

Monday, April 7, 2014

April 7th -

It's spring again - or at least Mother Nature is attempting some version of spring.  There are some increasing signs and one of the most welcome of them is the melting cover over the Muskoka River. Out for a walk today along Wilson Falls Road, I heard the compelling voice of the river rushing by again after an overly-long winter silence.  There is significant tree damage - large limbs down on almost every second property and hundreds of smaller twigs have fallen everywhere. Even a series of road posts are uprooted.

Yet, right along the edge of the river, at a windy section near the rapids, there is a lone milkweed plant stubbornly holding on to still-perfectly-formed pods.  Amazing.  And, an almost-horizontal pussy willow which has taken a terrible winter beating is bravely, amazingly,  showing silvery grey catkins.

Wild Turkeys Visiting - April 5th - Bracebridge, ON