Sunday, August 1, 2010

Unblogging the blog.

Folks there is no blog this week. Well actually there are two. One is an honest one about my experiences over the years living creatively with depression; the other is a funny one called: “If cleanliness is next to Godliness, I am headed south for eternity”.  Now if it were me reading someone else’s blog, I think I would go for topic two and give number one a definite pass. But that is not the type of topic that deep down in my soul, I need to write about just now or over the coming months of this project

When I first started the blog, it was to write and share about my life while improving health and exploring feelings as I move into the ‘senior’ years.  It’s very hard, harder than I expected, to write honestly each week.  And being honest, writing authentically is the one thing I promised myself from the very beginning. What I have found is that I have shifted in focus and become more concerned with entertaining readers.  This isn't a newspaper column; it's a personal journaled journey about a shift in life and making and accepting life changes. With no feedback really that the writing is being useful to anyone other than me, I have decided for now to keep the blogs private.  I am getting back on track – writing seriously each week without feeling the need to entertain anyone. Maybe some day there will be reason to share these weekly jottings with you all.  But for now the courage to do so quite honestly fails.

The good news is there will continue to be right up until next April 2011, at least 12 photos to share with you every week.  I hope you enjoy them! And "Trail Notes" as well - observations on walks in nature throughout the week.

Thanks for listening to my ‘unblog’ blog this week.   Please do continue to check in to see bits of beautiful Bracebridge caught in photographs.
Thanks for walking along with me on my footpath this week.