Sunday, September 26, 2010

WK 25: Art Enlarges the Language of Observation

"[Art] enlarges the language of observation" - so says Canadian painter and sculptor, Gathie Falk. Certainly photography does. Sometimes I don't really see what's in a photo until after it has been taken and I look into it as the observer-participant.  Once I found a bright scarlet ladybug I had missed when snapping a picture - another time when I had forgotten my glasses, a finished photo revealed a fat raccoon sitting in a tree which had totally escaped the notice of my unspectacled eyes! But it's more than just the obvious that we see. Photos zoom into the details and reveal layers and nuances we often haven't the time or even maybe sometimes the inclination to notice. And it is this act of framed observation - a snapped moment in time - which reconfigures our perception of what we think at first we are seeing.  It prompts 'second sight' revealing what we hadn't seen before - offering us a completely refreshed insight and focus. Sadly, we miss a lot as we rush about our lives. Whether taking a photo, painting a picture, arranging flowers, washing the car, cooking a fabulous meal - taking  the time to look closely at what is in front of us and noting all we can see reveals much both about the object viewed and about ourselves.

I couldn't get out to take many pics this week due to a rhum foot... but on Wednesday, lame limb or not, I  plan to be on the trails taking as many photos as possible. This looks to be the optimum autumn leaves weekend coming up here in Bracebridge.  I welcome all of you to try to make the time to come up and take in the fantastic vista.  For those of you can't come, I invite you to find a tree or even a single leaf near your home. Make a close inspection - with your mind, your emotions and your soul. What do you see?

and Thank YOU for walking along with me on my footpath this week.


The Photos for Week 25 are HERE: