Monday, April 7, 2014

April 7th -

It's spring again - or at least Mother Nature is attempting some version of spring.  There are some increasing signs and one of the most welcome of them is the melting cover over the Muskoka River. Out for a walk today along Wilson Falls Road, I heard the compelling voice of the river rushing by again after an overly-long winter silence.  There is significant tree damage - large limbs down on almost every second property and hundreds of smaller twigs have fallen everywhere. Even a series of road posts are uprooted.

Yet, right along the edge of the river, at a windy section near the rapids, there is a lone milkweed plant stubbornly holding on to still-perfectly-formed pods.  Amazing.  And, an almost-horizontal pussy willow which has taken a terrible winter beating is bravely, amazingly,  showing silvery grey catkins.

Wild Turkeys Visiting - April 5th - Bracebridge, ON


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