Sunday, November 7, 2010

Wk 31: Visioning a new home ...

Muskoka River Reflection at Taylor Road Bridge

I was reminded yesterday as I took a series of river 'reflection' photos, that a lot about our life and how we live it has to do with what we SEE, how we SEE it and with whom we SEE it.  Not only our eyes but our minds, hearts and souls SEE all that is going on and how we interpret it.

2 1/2 years ago I had to make an unexpected move from my home in Gravenhurst. The owner's son had lost his job and was returning to town in need of a place to live - so I was toast and on the move yet again. I had only lived there a year and I was very unhappy about having to move so soon again.  I knew I had to find a new home quickly but I couldn't SEE the new home in my mind and, more importantly, I couldn't SEE getting 'THERE' from the 'HERE' where I was at the time. The time taken away from my business while I looked, the $1,000 to pay movers and relocate services, all the work of packing when I was barely even feeling settled, having to do all - find a place and pick up packing boxes - without a car and without any family up north to help - well, you get where I where I was and how I was feeling at the time..

And now just 2 1/2 years later, I am yet again, facing an unplanned and most unwelcome move over the Christmas holidays.  While working through this mentally, financially, emotionally, physically, I recalled a visit I had with the friend of a friend in Gravenhurst just weeks before I found my current home.  The woman is a psychic and I have never visited one and, in fact, wasn't that time either but she had a dear apartment available that she wanted me to see.  She called it her 'chalet' and sitting off alone in her back yard and beside her swimming pool that's pretty much what it looked like.  It was absolutely perfect... but it had NO plumbing!

Anyway, I sat down with this wonderful sight-full and quirky woman for a tea and a visit.  She asked me about things and suggested I write down everything that I was looking for in a new home.  I acquiesced because although I didn't see how it was going to help, I figured it wouldn't hurt either, now would it?  I wrote my list... sunny, near water, big work space, close to the post office, a garden, and a place that worked for my kitty pal, Grendle.  And it had to have ladybugs.  Somewhere.  I looked at the list and passed it over to my psychic friend and she immediately said, "It looks like you will be moving to Bracebridge". 

What?! At this point I figured this had to be all nuts because Bracebridge was the LAST place I wanted to live!  But within a couple of days I had confirmation of an apartment in, yes,  Bracebridge no less.  I moved to town.  Sure enough the river was only moments away as was the post office.  There was a big work room, and Grendle enjoyed her last 5 months of life in the sunshine under the skylight.  And, there were ladybugs in the garden.  So it all came true.  Every bit of it. As Helen had told me to SEE, to vision.

Now here I am in the middle of my busy holiday cracker season, working 18 hour days til Christmas eve.  With reduced income expectations this season due to all the stress and the time that has been required to deal with what's going on. And, still I have no car. Still there is no family up north to help with this all.  Though, thankfully, there are a few new wonderful friends in my new town of Bracebridge which I have truly grown to love.

So, I have been remembering my psychic friend and I thought, well, it worked well last time, why not try visioning my next new home?  Maybe I can SEE it if I really try. Maybe I have learned a thing or two about what needs to go on 'The List'.  It follows below:

But first, I have two favours to ask of you all.
2) And PLEASE SHARE THE VISION with your friends, neighbours, colleagues - anyone you can think of. I have a hunch that if enough people can SEE my new home list then this vision WILL materialize.  Someone will know someone that knows of someplace available.

~ on the river on Wilson Falls Road
~ country kitchen
~ ENORMOUS workshop room with built in shelves for my cracker/card biz
~ pine trees
~ garden for veggie growing
~ room for a dog or kitty
~ bath tub
~ friendly neighbours to share coffee with
~ LONG and STABLE lease
~ decent landlord who appreciates me and whom I can appreciate
~ the money and time to make it all possible
~ good health to enjoy it
~ and work enough for the next dozen years or so while the cracker biz develops into a small, enduring cottage industry which can remain in town long after I’m gone.

Thanks all!  I am off with some friends this afternoon to walk the South Monck Trail.  Will check in later this week to tell you about our walk in "Today's Trail Notes".

The Photos this week are a little different and all about 'Reflections'.  They were all taken at the Taylor Road Bridge over the Muskoka River.  They spoke to me about 'SEEing'.  YOU can SEE them here:

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Maybe there is something or somewhere you would like me to photograph for a future blog?

Have a good week everyone ~
Thanks for walking with me on my footpath this 31st week of the Project. Gillian


  1. I'm thinking good thoughts for you, Gillian. I hope you find the home of your dreams!

  2. turn all the reflections 180 degrees, don't worry they won't drain away ;-)


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