Saturday, October 16, 2010

WK 28: It's a glorious autumn day in Bracebridge, Ontario

It is glorious here in Bracebridge today.  The sun was strong and warm.
The town was flooded with dozens and dozens of friendly tourists -
many with their hands full of ice cream cones!
Several stopped to ask me things about Bracebridge which I thought was really neat.
There are still beautiful leaves and brilliantly coloured shrubbery everywhere.
There were kayakers out on the Bay and several photographers.
Folks were just drinking in the sun's rays and the beauty of it all.

This week's photos are in large format and my take a minute or more to download.
If you have trouble seeing them, let me know.

They can be found here:

If you missed it last week, you can still enjoy the 3rd annual
"Muskoka Fall Colours Slide Show" - here:

Have a good week everyone ~
Thank you for walking with me on my footpath this week.
The Blog and health update will be on hand next week...

Cheers, Gillian

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